This is not an "one size fits all" approach.  With nearly 25 years of experience your program will be designed specifically for your business.
  • “Closed loop” mystery shopping 
  • Competitive analysis
  • On-line evaluations
  • Intercept evaluations
  • Telephone surveys
  • Focus groups and feedback panels 
  •  On-line service and sales training  including “refresher" courses
Beginning any new program requires focus and commitment. Before you start, answer these questions:

What is the primary goal of a mystery shopping program? 
Some ideas are: improve customer service, reward employees, retain employees, reinforce training, and identify new/additional-training areas.

What behaviors do you want to learn/identify?
FIRST we will work with you to understand the types of behaviors you are looking for. THEN we will design a survey tool that will score the behaviors you want to evaluate.

Who do you want to shop? 
Consider both your external customers as well as your internal customers. Our clients have found both types of shops to be enlightening to their service culture.

How do you want the shops to be performed? 
We shop in-person, over the phone, and on-line. 

Which locations do you want to shop? 
We recommend shopping all locations with a combination types of shops depending on your goals.

How frequently do you want to shop these locations? 
We recommend at least one complete shop per person once a month for each location – this allows you to track the changes and improvements in your staff.

What type of reporting would you like to see?
All reporting is available on-line. We provide both standard and customized reporting at no additional charge.